Thursday, February 27, 2020

Dialog Anchor

"To be absolutely clear, long-form programs are supposed to be mixed and measured with a dialog anchor, not a full program measurement."
That's Izotope's Guide to Loudness for Broadcast.

Fun facts: ROLI refactored the juce::dsp::AudioBlock class. 

If you're using the AudioBlock<>::copy() member function. 

This member function has been replaced with AudioBlock<>::copyFrom().

The full change ROLI made to the AudioBlock class here:

It's a simple function name fix.  Change 'copy()' to 'copyFrom()'
 Pedal Playground is for designing pedalboards. This should be on the Tyrannosaurus Mouse blag.
 But it's not, so that's just how it is.
I want to say the word "panda." Or at least write it down.

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