Sunday, February 23, 2020

Lighten up

I'm kinda over using heavy strings. As a teenager I played absurdly heavy flatwound strings. I still have my Hagstrom electric -- it won't even set up properly with the original bridge and anything short of some stupid heavy strings.
Right now most of my guitars are 10's with heavy bottoms. But it seems that the "heavy is better" thing is a myth (one that I bought into just because I was very used to hard-to-play instruments.) Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, BB King, Brian May, I mean a lot of guitar players known for their guitar sound use(d) pretty light strings.

And of course it is impossible to do a double-blind comparison. But it seems the biggest difference is feel anyway. Of course, one big difference between me and (say) BB King (the only difference, really) is that he was a vastly better guitar player than I am.
Cat is unimpressed as long as I'm not using cat-gut strings.

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