Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Let the Darkness In

Christa Kimlicko Jones as Dr. Ellen K. Henderson in Richard Byrnes' Let the Darkness In. This was shot entirely remotely, it's a "Zoom play." But we set up a second camera (a Panasonic GH4) and separate audio (a Zoom -- not the same company as the teleconferencing app -- F1 with a Sanken COS11). Laura Schlachtmeyer produced, I "directed" (more like a TV director, with Richard having worked with Christa beforehand and Laura as always having the best notes and adjustments.)

The lighting was all Christa's practical lights except for a ring light she has.

Christa really knocked this out of the park. There are two camera angles -- the actual Zoom call and the GH4 but this is all one performance (take 4.)

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