Friday, September 04, 2020


 Title safe nowadays

QLab on Zoom.

R0DE made a video on using lavalier microphones that's pretty good.


Aric Blue said...

They really didn't spend enough time telling you how to hide a lav on a woman wearing only a bra or less...things that are applicable to my life...

Andrew Bellware said...

A bikini is about impossible. But that's because of the wire and the pack. But the mic itself can go on the inside of the "cross your heart" part of the center of the bra. You may need to rig a vampire clip or something to keep it there but not show on the outside if the actor isn't wearing anything over the bra.
Naked people are, for all practical purposes, impossible. You may be able to put the pack in their hair, depending on their hairstyle, and then you could use an ear rig where you attach the mic to the top of their ear, or in their hair, but those are things which are nigh on impossible to do in film (they're done in theater all the time.)