Thursday, February 11, 2021

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Richard Byrne asked me some questions about my puppet opera

I have a few questions.

1. Why are the wildflowers "lucid?" Might they not be "attentive," instead? 
2. Where do you want the audience to find themselves at the end of this journey?
3. Why? And why now? 

Allen & Heath extras.

Multiplay is a Q-lab like cue playback software for PC that's free. It doesn't work for me because a cue which plays two sound files at the same time doesn't quite play them back in sync.

Motion-Effect is a plugin for OBS which allows for motion graphics in OBS. There are some instructions for it. I had to manually place the .dll and such files in OBS. 

Show Cue System is a Q-lab like application for the PC.

Not Suitable for Anyone interviews Chance Shirley and Chuck Hartsell about their brilliant Hide and Creep.

Over the Moon is a movie.

My Octopus Teacher is another movie.

vMix cloud studio rental.

Rent-to-own Vocalign.

A game designer's analysis of Qanon.

Strymon Sunset, dual overdrive.

Wolfwalkers is an animated feature.

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