Saturday, November 05, 2005

Half Way

This isn't me yesterday. Yesterday was hard. Very little smiling. Except when the Key Grip referred to the grouping of producers on the lawn as a "scrum" of people.

We're on day 10 of the 20-day shoot. Very noisy set.

I always try to mix from another room in the house. That makes it easier to tell if a sound I've heard is really there, or it just crept in around my headphones. . . or maybe I just wanna be away from the set. . .

Laura and I figured out some answers to problems with Bloodmask. We'll make the good and evil characters more clearly delineated. And we'll make Lucretia evil from the beginning without any doubt. And we'll make Aurora's introduction more clear. We'll maybe make a scene where Murnau gets his orders to hunt Fiona. . .

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