Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So. . . got out very late last night. To make up for that call was pushed back a little bit -- right into rush hour so getting to set just took that much longer. . .

In the yellow shirt is Laura. She's our script supervisor. We've given her the very expensive Lectrosonics IFB but a very cheap pair of airline headphones.

The one with the Annie Lennox thing going on is Rina. She's from Canada. She's the 2nd AC.

There in the middle is Tony getting his boom ready. We're using a trick, in this very echo-y and empty house, of using a zeppelin with the front removed, to isolate the Sanken shotgun even more. It works pretty well.

Crew is tired. I haven't worked on Bloodmask enough. I loaded Firefox into my computer, but I don't know I like it any better than Internet Explorer. The top of my mixer is very dirty, the HMI that's blasting at me right now has revealed this. No time for a courtesy flag.

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