Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Living Dead

Tony's holding up better than me, by the looks of this picture. I certainly don't look too happy. Maybe we'll try this again later.


Anonymous said...

BE HAPPY ANDREW :D Your BLOG totally ROCKS :o) I'm just getting over Strep throat so my first week back home has kinda sucked (still had to go to work too since you can't call in sick in your first week. I actually had no voice to call either, it was just more of a strange honking sound that came out...). I totally miss y'all tho. Say hey to Tony, Laura, and the crew for me.
--Your Favourite Canadian, Rina :o)

Andrew Bellware said...

Sorry about the strange honking sound. It must be those Canadian geese. Hope you're feeling better!
(Thanks for not giving any of us Strep, though. . .)