Wednesday, June 28, 2006


OK. So we're locked. At least we're locked on Act I (which is basically Reel 1, or rather, the first 17 or 18 minutes of the movie). Aaron had some notes about a sequence (which sucked) and I think I made it suck less. I'm experimenting with the Opera browser, unfortunately it just isn't supported by Gmail, or Gmail's calendar, or even Blogger (not really, at least).

But it's the only way I can read which is an excellent writing web site.

There are a number of good sites on the Internet about screenwriting. Truthfully, it's only as I've gotten some screenplays under my belt that they've REALLY started to make sense!

I can't use italics when working in Opera and trying to post on Blogger. I can't do many things. Hmm. . . I guess it's back to IE for blogger then. . . (When I'm on a Mac I use Firefox. . .)

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