Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some screenwriting rules

So, as it turns out I do have readers! Now I feel all responsible to write how I feel about the World Cup and the war in Iraq. I guess I'll go into my diatribe about how the US may be creating black widows the way the Russians did in Chechnya some other time.
Meanwhile, I've compiled a bunch of information and links regarding Direct to DVD releases from another blog for your (and my) reading pleasure:

DISContent: Make Your D2DVD Script a Movie

Some interesting cost ideas:

DISContent: What's It Cost?

Direct to DVD deliverables:
DISContent: Can You Deliver? - D2DVD Film School

This is a good post on loglines: http://d2dvd.blogspot.com/2005/04/something-borrowed.html



And this paragraph contains a good amount of information:
And because these retail spaces are ordering in grand quantities they get a big discount on the cost of the DVD. That's why you see all the large "Bargain Bins" at WalMart. They've purchased the DVD for $3.99 each (as opposed to a rental place that can only order enough to get a $6.99 rate) and can blow them out the door at a "2 for $9.99" bargain. The rental store has to race to make sure that they can get enough TPC to cover the costs of the title. Again, another reason why the D2DVD titles are like tortoises - rental stores want to make sure that rentals have covered costs - then they can sell those DVDs on top of that.


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