Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pleasure for La Gioconda YamahaDM1000 with Aviom card. Tonight is our "invited dress". We have an 8-channel True preamp at the stage. My JDV DI box takes care of the Chapman Stick. My pair of AKG 460 microphones take care of the percussion (I never have seen the point to a kick drum microphone unless you're doing rock 'n roll.) I've replaced the center (of three) Crown PCC 160 microphones with a big, silver, Rode NT1a. It needs some kind of scenic element to hide it from the audience but it makes one of our singers sound vastly better. I'm a bit surprised at how whiney some of the actors are, I suppose it's because they've been given "permission" to be prima-donna-ish. Argumentative. I'd just fire them. But then again, I guess I have that reputation. The Aviom has worked flawlessly. I wish we had slightly better speakers than the Radians, and I really wish I had separate control over each speaker's amplifier but I just couldn't figure out how to do it. We have no sound playback cues. That way if I fall asleep, nobody will notice.

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