Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back from Break

I basically took a break from Millennium Crisis last week in order to upload all of Hamlet and Apostasy and a buncha other things to YouTube. Here, then, is a Prague Spring performance from nigh on 10 years ago.

But now I'm back at work on Millennium Crisis and wish I had 5.1 monitors (Genelecs, of course).


Chance Shirley said...

Are you doing a 5.1 mix without monitors? If so, what's the trick.

I'm hoping to pull off 5.1 for INTERPLANETARY.

Andrew Bellware said...

I use the "guess and pray" system. Actually, I mix in mono and "intellectualize" the placement of things in the center speaker and things in the rear speakers. The trick is, of course, that the center is only one speaker driven by mono sources. So you have to make sure the balance is right. I guess I tend to err on having stuff not be in the rear speakers and making sure the dialog is loud enough. It's a bitch though. I'm gonna get me them Genelecs! I mean, after all, I'll be getting a wire transfer with almost that amount of money any day now...