Thursday, February 15, 2007

Theatrical Distribution (numbers)

OK, so if your brain is much bigger than mine, read this fellow's blog:

I can't understand 3/4 of what he writes about, but in this post he does some numbers regarding theatrical distribution on a feature film:

From (

"...the movie grossed $13,122,865 on its opening weekend, and to date has grossed $26,387,390 (per the on-line site, While not stellar, this isn’t all that bad, either. It opened in 2,526 theaters, which is way too many; the cost of the ad campaign surely was high. [Interestingly, none of the second-week ads quote any of the reviews, as newspaper ads for movies are wont to do!]

If the negative cost was around $25 million, and P&A was around $10 million, then it still has a ways to go, in order to recoup. Keep in mind the exhibitors typically retain around 50% of gross, and Universal’s distribution fee probably is around 15%, which means total domestic remittances are more like $11.2 million. Foreign will be poor, as romantic comedies typically are culturally-specific; they don’t “travel well,” to use the jargon of the industry. There will be some domestic video activity, HBO probably will kick in around $500K for a pay cable window, and there will be modest revenue from other TV sources (pay-per-view, basic cable, free TV, syndication). But that’s it."

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