Saturday, February 10, 2007

"We had lots of sound mixers on this movie, we had like one a week."

Hey, this is post number 201! Merry posting bicentennial! This week has been all about maintenance. Got a new Toshiba laptop. Putting up lotsa videos on YouTube. Petting the cat.

There are some very important things to know. First of all -- Do. Not. Climb. On. The. Walrus.
And here then is monorail cat. He's all over the internets.

Pandora Machine is off the shelf at Blockbuster.

It was in the "New Releases" section for what? -- since June of 2004. And I know it was still there in December 2006. So a good couple years, certainly. I just bought the copy from my local Blockbuster in Metuchen. Off "New Releases" and in the "Previously Viewed" bin.
Interestingly, I just rented "The Great New Wonderful" which was the movie I was working on as a sound mixer when I got fired and then a week later I got a weekend job which paid me more than I would have made for the remaining three weeks of "TGNW" and when I was on my way to that job Laura called and said we got distribution for Pandora Machine. says that The Great New Wonderful only made $150K theatrically. I imagine the distribution deal combined theatrical with the home video deal and whatever/however that's linked to a pay-TV deal (if there is one.) They claim the movie was shot for $500K (which was not what I was told when I was hired -- I was told it was going to be more like a $125K movie, ahem) and theoretically I'm still contracted to get .25% of producer's gross (I actually used the contract I had with TGNW as a model for contracts with actors and crew on Millennium Crisis.) But either they a. decided I don't deserve my quarter-percent, or b. the producers ain't actually got nuthin' out of the deal.
"We had lots of sound mixers on this movie, we had like one a week." -- Danny Leiner, director of The Great New Wonderful.

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