Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Are Not Good People

I just finished reading Jeff Somers We Are Not Good People. It is an absurdly well-written book. He wrote the Electric Church series which is also terrifically good.

I prefer my Jeff Somers in long-form (like novels) because there's this particular rhythm he develops, using a specialized language in the voice of the narrator. And you want to sort of get into that rhythm and sit there for the length of a novel.

I am, unfortunately, a bit too stupid to really understand what I'm supposed to be doing. I started reading We Are Not Good People and found that I'd already read it. Or, somehow, I'd already read the first half. I have no idea how that happened. I believe it may involve witchcraft of some kind.


Kristin said...

WANGP includes Trickster, the first book in the series :-D Although, if you prefer witchcraft...;)

Kristin said...

And, agreed, it certainly is absurdly good :-D

Andrew Bellware said...

His stuff is all "I can't believe how good this is" good. It just blows me away.
And yeah, two books in one. I get it.