Thursday, March 03, 2016

Sandwich Day

There's a 30 Rock episode called "Sandwich Day" all about how the Teamsters get sandwiches once a year for the cast and crew of the show -- but they won't reveal where in Brooklyn these magical and delicious sandwiches come from.

So of course lots of people have searched and sleuthed and found that the actual sandwich place is in Hoboken -- Fiore's Deli.
Now it turns out I live 2 miles from the shop. So today, rather than doing the work I need to be doing, I drove there.
There's no menu on the wall, or anywhere as far as I can tell. And like Katz' they cut off a piece of what you've ordered. Today, being Thursday, it's apparently roast beef and mozzarella day. So I was handed this enormous piece of mozzarella cheese while the guy made my sandwich.
And my life is changed. I am a new person now. I may even be a kind of god. Or a loyal servant to those gods whose ambrosia I have tasted. You may kiss my ring. The ring upon my hand that has held the sandwich.
Bless you, child. Thursdays and Saturdays are roast beef and "mutz" in gravy days.

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