Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Premiere Grumpifly

Section 1: Premiere 2017
Section 2: Premiere 2015
Section 3: Premiere 2015

Yeah. Adobe Premiere really muffed up the update of Premiere and After Effects. The LUT's in Lumetri are totally bonked. And when you roll back to 2015 the links to After Effects are all messed up and you also need to roll back After Effects and bleh.

Although the required update to the NVidea 970 card finally fixes the thing where I couldn't see what hadn't been clicked on in Facebook on my big monitor because it didn't understand the gamma requirements.

Aren't you glad you read this blog?


Aric Blue said...

Yeah, the whole CC suite has been fucking buggy since 2015 for me. I'm now using a Frankenstein melange of 2 computers, each with multiple versions on them to get my shit done. It's fucking insane considering we PAY for this...

Andrew Bellware said...

It's like someone from Apple is making sure it's no better than FCPX.