Thursday, May 03, 2007

Biohazard 3077

This is my favorite post here yet!.

According to the Transformer website, this seems to be the Japanese cover for our feature Millennium Crisis.

From Google's translation of the "story":

"The battle, and the special ability in the strongly beautiful heroine and outer space to be extreme…

"The aurora which has the special ability “one time you just saw to be able to become the other race”, was the end 裔 of race “blood mask” of legend."

That actually seems like a reasonable summation of the story. Someone must have watched the movie in Japan.
I really love this cover a lot. Sure, in the actual movie that gun, those pants, this whole scene even, doesn't actually happen. But who cares?!
And truthfully, I like the name "Biohazard 3077" the best of all the names this movie's had so far.

I know I'm being a dork, but I think her wig is parted on the wrong side in this picture! I spent hundreds of hours editing the picture so I feel fairly certain they drew this from a "flopped" picture of Clare! ;-)

At some point we should actually have a copy of this version of the movie. I can't wait to see it in Japanese!

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Chance Shirley said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! And BIOHAZARD 3077 is a pretty groovy title, indeed.