Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2.4 to One

I'm doing some experiments with cropping the 16:9 image to 2.40:1. I don't have any kind of calibration marks on my monitor so I sorta kinda guess what it's going to look like when cropped. I feel that I shot Millennium Crisis too "tight" or close - up. So I tried to widen out a bit for Angry Planet.
Here is the cropped version of scene 17. I also sank some blacks, juiced some whites, and played with the gamma a bit.
That's (from left to right) Greg Bodine, Ben Sulzbach (seated, facing away), Ben Thomas, Jeff Plunkett, Sarah Doudna, (in the far background) Barbara Mundy and Alana Jackler, and (in the cowboy hat and boots) our Jef Betz.

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