Monday, September 17, 2007

LOL sanity

My new addiction is to sunlight. A single point-source light which is as bright as... well... the sun.

It's completely uncontrollable, unpredictable (due to clouds), and God's electrics department never goes into overtime -- when the shop steward calls "sunset" and "darkness" no amount of persuasion by the producer will get them to keep the sun going for "just 15 more minutes while we get this shot".

But oh... Oh what it looks like! And how it streams through windows with its perfectly straight beams. Oh oh oh!

Here's Kathleen Kwan being blessed by some of that self same light as an elevator closes on her hopes and dreams as Athena in Angry Planet.

And now:

What, you don't like LOL cats?

What's wrong with you?

In any case, you might very well be interested in an album of photographs by the wonderful actor and photographer Jef Betz.

0701 Jef Betz 2nd weekend

And if you're teaching lighting, I just ran into this interesting post which simply shows front, front diffused, back, and side - lighting.

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