Thursday, September 20, 2007

Syncing feeling

Angry Planet Update
OK, so all the takes are synced up to now. We've found there are a few missing shots which we need, of course. We might need to go back to the quarry, or at least to the roof of a building, to get a couple of them.
Instead of torturing my poor parents with our shooting in their house again, it looks like we're going to shoot a couple days at Manhattan Theatre Source instead. Logistically it's so much easier for everyone to get there anyway. It's noisy though, they're doing massive renovations on the Church of Christ, Scientist, next door. But I don't care if we have to ADR the whole dang movie, I want it done!
I have half a scene edited. I may just go in and start editing a few things. We certainly need stuff like the robot fight completed in order to start the CG on it.
How did you let me post without a picture?
Update: whew. A picture.

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