Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wackadoodle Reviews

Oh dude. This is awesome. These guys do these wackadoodle reviews. And then they add soundtracks to clips. It's amazing.
There are three pages of this review. On the third page they show the "Laws of Robotics" scene from Android Insurrection. Then they wrote this:

"Hydrogen: These are the Three Laws of Mega-Ironic Robotics, and when I read them out loud everyone in my screenwriting class stood up and clapped, can I get you any more fresh bread Mr. Spielberg?"
I have no idea what that means.

Here's an awesome review of Earthkiller. What's sweet is that the nudity really seems to creep them out. My work here is done.

And another review of Earthkiller/Total Retribution. Goldmine I tell ya!


Joe Falcon said...

Honestly, their review was some guys who just said "Here's a low budget movie, lets trash it." Several of their points made were contradicted when I saw the movie.

Having just watch Android Insurrection you gave up a considerable amount of character development and plot points, and of course the surprise and with several things coming at the end which would of made a tighter story had they been at the mid-point, the ending was a very big violation of the big rule on Exposition, which basically kicks you out of the movie.

The acting was good and overall the story was decent.

Now Earthkiller had that Chicken robot, but everything else was ok. I think it was the better camera work, still had slow points, but over all a bit tighter in the story. Yet I saw that awhile ago.

I think the B-Movies need more T&A. Not only to get those poor reviewers to shriek in horror, but let's face it, jiggling breasts and female rear ends are great distractions.

Andrew Bellware said...

The chicken robot could have been better.
Okay. More nudity. Got it! ;-)