Friday, February 28, 2014

Knots, Glasses, Symbolism.

How to tie knots. Complete with animated .gifs.

So. School. I hated school as a child. Strangely, I was pretty good at it (and, in fact, those two facts might have correlation). And it hasn't been until recently that I've taken any classes. I just completed my CPR course and discovered one thing -- man, wearing glasses sucks.
I have three pair of glasses. It's very fussy but one pair is for reading, one is for computer, and one is for distance.
Classrooms, where one is looking at a chalkboard and then back to writing notes, are terrible when your close-distance prescription is different from your long-distance prescription. And yeah. I could get bifocals. And yeah, I probably will. But yeah, it's a giant pain in the tuchus.
I love that symbol. I wish Blogger would insert it automatically.
Speaking of crazy stuff Blogger does, has anyone noticed that if you insert like an Amazon link or a video link and then put in more iframes or pictures, the original iframe disappears and you are no longer (for instance) publishing a Bandcamp link even when you're looking at the HTML just before you hit the "publish" button. Like that.

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