Saturday, January 20, 2007

Conversations with Chance Volume IV (Audio)

Drew: Make sure that no sound happens over dialog (because you'll have to replicate those sounds for the M&E so that the English dialog-free version sounds exactly like the full English mix). And make sure whomever's booming is "riding the line" just above the actor's heads.
And if for some reason neither of those techniques work, just do a wild take of the dialog - without actors moving around - immediately after the camera take.

Chance: Thanks for the audio advice. I'd already planned on getting all the lines "wild" after each take. And I'm not afraid of ADR anymore, which I should have done a lot more of on HIDE AND CREEP.

Drew: Please... maintain your [healthy] fear of ADR!


Anthony said...

No no no. ADR is your friend! IF you can afford to do it right...

Andrew Bellware said...

Hmm... lemme see... do any of our production companies fall under the "if you can afford to do it right" category?
Therefore, fear. Fear. FEAR IT!
Seriously, we're makin' features for less than a studio picture's ADR budget. We just gotta do it right the first time.