Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nobody gets rich, everybody gets paid.

Or, How to make money making movies.

The model of the new movie-making business is:

Budget $60,000

Genre product: Nudity, action. Preferably monsters, fights, explosions. This means horror, sci-fi, or maybe thrillers.

Put name talent (names the consumer would know) in the movie.

Shoot some part on 35mm.


But first we'll start off with Kung Fu Monkey:

We've apparently been paid already from our Japanese distributor. The hard drive is at the lab in California (I haven't been able to find anyone in New York who can actually do the work of making a 4-channel DigiBeta from a Final Cut Pro project, who actually understands why we might need that for overseas.)

And really, at the same time we're formulating a business plan for our next film company. Empirical Pictures was going to be the name of the company, but it might end up being Pandora Machine Films. Just because I still like the name "Pandora Machine". I even named my iPod that.

The secret, it seems, is to make movies for $60,000 (sixty thousand dollars) plus one's overhead. Make them look like what buyers think at least 2 million dollars looks like (although I'm targeting 12 million in "looks"). But research shows that the magic number is $60K for production, and another $40 or whatever for "overhead".

There must be recognizable name talent in the picture. It would be really good if at least some portion of the movie were shot on 35mm.

We can do this.

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