Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Poll

What should the new company be named?

1. Braidwood Films
2. Empirical Pictures
3. Pandora Machine
4. Empirical Planet

Those are the choices. Choose wisely. Drop me an email or a comment if you have an opinion.



Update: so far I have a vote for Braidwood Films, Pandora Machine, and Empirical Pictures.

Here are some negatives with these names: I'm a bit bored with the "Braidwood" name. Pandora Machine is a name of a movie we made. And there's another company called "American Empirical Pictures".

Update Update: now we have two for Pandora Machine, two for Empirical Pictures.

UpUpUpdate: One for Braidwood Films, three for Pandora Machine, two for Empirical Pictures.

U4: Pandora Machine and Empirical Pictures are tied at 3 votes each.

U5: Pandora Machine has 4, Empirical Pictures has 5, and Braidwood Films has 2.

U6: On the advice of my lawyer, Empirical Pictures is out of the running. My dad likes Braidwood Films, but I'm weary of "Braidwood". The purpose of that name was to be pretentious. "Pandora Machine" -- like "Good Machine" but without the bankruptcy.

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