Monday, January 29, 2007


James Lee's art. I can't find a web page for him.

I'm plagiarizing David Latt's blog. Right here. Right now. Because I can't find a way to link to it. He's with and this is an edited version of what he says:
-No more than 115 pages
-No less than 80 pages
-If you really want it read, make it 97 pages
-Put the genre in the first five pages of the script. Meaning … if this is a vampire film, then there better be vampire killings in the first five pages
-Write a traditional three act script
-Each Plot Point should answer the main plot with 'NO'. Meaning…if the plot is, Will Timmy get laid? Then at the first plot point (p. 18) the answer is 'No' because Timmy is sent to an all boys school. Plot point two (p.75) the answer is 'No' because Timmy's pecker fell off (plot point two should always be impossible to make right).
-Do not be lazy. Make each situation impossible to get out of. Do not make it easy. Think Pulp Fiction.
-A minimum of five set ups and pay offs.
-Do not over describe anything.
-Two sentence paragraphs at the most when describing things.
-Write a detailed Bullet Sheet before writing. Use only one line sentence. The whole script should fit on 1 or 2 pages.
-You will win the prize if you think of a cool title.

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