Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Three that Made Us Free

Nerdgasm. David Campfield's internet talk show. Check it out. I'm gonna be on in a couple weeks.
Here's a whole thing on the Bats and the Flea Theater.
Every once in a while an article or such comes out ducking around the concept of the inherent value of actors or writers. Which is a fascinating economic theory but I feel like they never just go there. In the meantime we use arbitrary valuations of labor which is why a teacher makes little money and a banker makes much. At least in the West we use arbitrary valuations and then don't talk about them.
Is there an inherent value to labor? Is it based all or in part of the profit from that labor? Does the market of that labor come into play in finding the value? 
Bauhaus theater.

Also. Light ring which goes around a lens. Two hundred bucks. Explain how I don't need this.

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