Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Instead of Storyboarding

Instead of doing the storyboarding I'm supposed to do for Sunday's shoot, I'm writing this post.
Ian Hubert's robot from Tears of Steel is coming for you in Dead Residents.

If you want to know how real movies are made, read John J. Bruno's blog. Here he talks about color revisions in scripts.
I try to print as few versions of scripts as possible in hard copy. We don't print versions in different colors at all. We try to use file version numbers ("1202 Dead Residents v6.08" etc.) although sometimes that screws us up.
Starting on this movie I've noticed people on set are using iPads much more. There's some fancy-pants software for actors to mark up .pdf files and even read sides with you and such. I suppose I should find out what that app is.

Phillip Drawbridge is selling the 3D model of the HMS Fairborne.
Wow. I wish there were a good Carrara to Blender exporter. I'm totally buying it anyway. We'll figure it out. I wish our ship in Prometheus Trap looked this good.

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