Saturday, March 01, 2014

Day 14

So apparently at some point I said "Doesn't there need to be a prologue to this movie?" And apparently the answer was "yes".
Virginia Logan takes one for the team.

So now we have a new opening. Steven J. Niles re-wrote a terrible outline I'd created. Then we brought in Anouk and Kire.
Kire Tosevski rockin' the post-apocalypse with my sherpa sunglasses.

Then I got the bright idea that Anouk should play the thing mostly in French and dance around. I did a little dance for her to show her what I meant. She looked at me like I was insane.
The Queen of Mars did that awesome Yellow Sign tattoo on Anouk Dutruit.
Robot 43 (Maduka Steady) comes to the rescue.
We shot entirely in the basement of my building. I'm so lucky to have such an understanding super.
I'm just amazed at how inherently limited the color palette is. It has something to do with the way I suck the color out on camera but still, the art direction is perfect for us.
I just wanted a shot with this kind of depth in this sequence.

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