Saturday, October 03, 2015

This is some good writing

Good grief but Jeff Somers is a good writer. I think I've read all of his novels, even his non-sci-fi ones. But his best for me are the Avery Cates books.

And Jeff has started writing even more Avery Cates stories which take place after the last book ended. It got me so hopped up that I went back and started re-reading The Electric Church.
Good grief he can write. The world he builds is so flipping grim yet compelling. And the 1st-person narrator is only slightly unreliable. At least he's self-consciously unreliable.
But to me the biggest deal is that the world in the Cates series is completely tangible while being wildly post-cyber-whatever. As a noir (of the tough guy genre) the technology and the politics in the universe feel very real and very matter-of-fact.
And not only do I have a soft spot in my heart for sci-fi noir, I also love how Somers doesn't mind going dark, dark, dark. Dark. Like, the world does not go to a good place.

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