Saturday, October 31, 2015

Uh. Okay. So that then. I guess we're moving.

Today one of the landlords of our studio stopped by and asked that we keep the door closed when we have a client. The Mad Duke has been editing a feature for the last couple months, so maybe someone wasn't happy with the sound? We'd asked around to make sure our neighbors were okay with what relatively little sound we do make. But who knows? Yet later, seemingly out of the blue, I get this email from the landlord:


Andrew Bellware
356 Broadway, LL10
New York, NY 10013


Dear Andrew,

This letter is notice to you that your month-to-month lease for Unit LL10 at 356 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 will expire on November 30, 2015 and will not be renewed.
We are no longer allowing offices to be shared.

We are offering to issue you a new lease on unit LL10 but only on the conditions that it is for you alone (with the occasional collaborator) and that you keep the door shut.

Henry is welcome to rent a separate office if he wishes, also on the conditions that it is for his own use only and that he keeps the door closed.  Furthermore, he would have to agree to use headphones for editing video even when he is working with a collaborator.

Please let us know ASAP your intention regarding initiating a new lease or surrendering the premises.

You are required to surrender the premises to the Landlord upon expiration. Please return the premises to the same condition as you found it upon moving in. You are required to return all keys when vacating the premises.

Jody Susler
356 Spaces, LLC


Joe Falcon said...

Da Faq, Andrew. What went up their rears?

Andrew Bellware said...

Who knows? Landlords are nuts.

Joe Falcon said...

How did your home situation go with them cutting power and everything?

So your moving again.

Andrew Bellware said...

Electricians are gone. And we have more power. I may just move at least part of the office to my apartment. We'll see.

Kangas said...

I was just gonna say, why bother? Just edit that shit at home and save the money!