Sunday, June 24, 2007

Big Brains

This is a picture of my brother David. This is a projection of how big his brain really is. He has the Giant Brain and does all the thinking for the rest of us. We should be grateful that he does our thinking as it means we don't have to.
And here's a picture of Melissa Dale and her new baby girl. I don't know what the baby's name is. As far as the pictures go, the baby seems to be named "Baby girl Sony Camera". But I just know that can't be right.

And today I had a big adventure in Greenpoint looking for a post-apocalyptic beat-up and run-down area. Unfortunately everyone is building up Greenpoint. The waste treatment facility looked from Google satellite maps like it might be a good bet, but they'd actually built it up and made it prettier since this satellite photo was taken. It did, however, smell like a waste treatment facility. Mmmm! Yummers!

Update: This is Dave's response to the last few entries on this blog:
"I'm sure you realize that your title of Dictator (of Imaginary Firearms) was dictated to you.
May I suggest (not dictate, just suggest) that you pronounce yourself the Comptroller rather than the dictator. Comptroller has the perceptual advantage of being less menacing yet more authoritative."
See? Big Brain. Does all our thinking!

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