Sunday, June 03, 2007

For sale: Mackie 1402VLZ (modified)

For sale: $600
A specially modified-for-film Mackie 1402 mixer.

I'm not getting out of the sound-for-film biz, but I am changing my equipment package. I don't work enough in the field to justify owning all the gear I do.
So to start with, I'm selling my mixer. It's about 8 years old and has been babied by being in a rack-mount case most of its life (see below for what it looked like when riding in my cart.)
I'm selling "on consignment" through:

Professional Sound Services
311 West 43rd Street, Suite #1100, New York NY 10036.
Tel: 212.586.1033 Toll Free: 800.883.1033 Fax: 212.586.0970

You can even go there to look at it!

Comes with the original manual, the original packaging, optional rack ears and the following modifications:

It runs off of 12 volts on a standard 4-pin XLR or via AC power (switchable).
Also, talkback mic added to front panel (just under fader 3) which can feed either Aux 1 (with the big red switch at the bottom) or the 2-mix buss (via switch up on the master section.)

The only issue with these mixers modified for 12 volts is that if you're charging the battery the mixer is running off of, you can faintly hear the cycling of the charger. I always made sure the charger was off during takes because of that. I normally got a day or two of use on this mixer and my wireless receivers and video monitors with a 32aH battery. It draws about .8 amps at 12 volts (so think about one hour per ampere hour on your battery.)

There are two trim pots for adjusting the level of the talk to Aux 1, and the talk to the 2-mix buss. I've never touched them.
I also have and am including the 2 pages of paperwork generated by Alternative Audio Service regarding their modifications of this mixer.
Here's a closeup of the fader panel, you can see where the talkback mic is located under fader 3.

It's not a Cooper by any means, but it's inexpensive and has the extra ins and outs for dealing with a couple different IFB's and feeding camera and a recorder separately.

The serial number is BT37540

Note: the cat is NOT included. ;-)

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