Sunday, June 10, 2007

Laying out Mona

Really, just skip this post. There's nothing for you to read here.

The manual for the Yamaha AW1600. It's only got 8 inputs but it's got the requisite 4 "omni" outputs and all the EQ and delay and dynamics you want to shake your stick at.

Actually, there's quite a few inputs from the stage. I've got 8 vocal mics, not including any sillyness we might have with wireless.

Update: After I wrote him an email detailing some of our equipment needs, the producer's friend wrote me and the producer an email saying "Was wondering if you had considered getting a sound designer. I think that it would be a good idea. I know several very good ones. The first onr that comes to mind is XXXX XXXX. His number is XXXXXXXX. He has done hundreds of shows on and off Broadway. If he is not available I know of many others."
I wrote back saying "
We considered it, but decided to go with me instead!" I figured that I'd let the insult roll off my back. But the producer writes back and says "drew... what do you call yourself? should we call XXX...? Let me know.
thanks [friend of the producer]!"

My response? Well, I think the design fee was $400 for a show which runs for 20-some-odd performances (they wanted someone to design and mix the show). The budget was $2000 (for four weeks). And I figure that if I'm working for free on a no-budget show I just don't need the grief and aggravation. Besides, aren't I on pre-pro on a feature film?
I wrote to them: "You know what? You should call XXX to do your sound design."

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