Sunday, June 03, 2007

FS: Listen Technologies Assisted Listening System

I'm selling:

Two (2) LT-700 transmitters
and four (4) LR-400 receivers

$500 for all 6 units "as is" (see below).

The 72MHz multi-channel transmitters are factory modified with BNC connectors for antennae (I've used Comtek phase-right antennae with them.) I don't know if Listen does the mod anymore.

This is a 57-channel system. I bought them new about 6 years ago. Some of the channels may be compatible with some 72MHz Comtek systems but I never tried using them that way. I no longer have any of the manuals but I recall the manuals not being terribly useful, their tech support was pretty good though.

I'm selling on consignment here:

Professional Sound Services
311 West 43rd Street, Suite #1100, New York NY 10036.
Tel: 212.586.1033 Toll Free: 800.883.1033 Fax: 212.586.0970

Here's a link to Listen Technologies websi
te for the transmitters:
and for the recievers:

Now here's the thing: these are used, baby.

The receivers have been abused by directors, script supervisors, and producers (and, ahem, a boom operator or two). You know what all that means. They've been shaken, dropped, kicked (yes, on occasion) left on upside down in someone's pocket under a can of soda and a sandwich. And dropped some more.

The transmitters are actually in pretty good shape. Of course, they rode on my cart.

One of the receivers (the one we've marked "boom") has an "issue" with the headphone connector. It's intermittent.
Also, it has no belt clip anymore. I consider it broken, but it's possible that one might be able to fix the headphone connection by going in and soldering some things. I think the belt clip may be gone forever. I'm selling it as though it's just broken.

Another of the receivers (the "script supervisor") one has been dropped many times and no longer has a plastic faceplate. But it does seem to actually work.

The "VIP" receiver has no belt-clip.

They're all scratched up. I would only consider that two of the receivers work reliably (well, actually, the "script supervisor" one works, it's just missing the faceplate).

As far as I can tell, the transmitters are typically about $450 new, and the receivers are about $150 new.

I don't have headphones to go with them. Mostly I've been using cheapo "airline" headphones with them anyway.

Here are the serial numbers:


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