Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Supreme Dictator In Charge of Imaginary Firearms

So... I ordered a light saber from Parks Sabers and it could take as much as 10 weeks for us to get it. We're getting a green blade.
I had an idea we would want the Fusion (the more silver-y one) for Athena, our producer thought the Rogue (the one with more black hardware) would be more appropriate. I said "Let's put it to a vote" and asked Maduka and Blair which they liked better and they both liked the Rogue better.
Laura said "Drew wins!" I said "What? Everyone liked the Rogue better." And Laura said "Oh, I thought that Drew was the Supreme Dictator in Charge of Imaginary Firearms so the vote would be invalidated."
I ordered the Rogue. I may be Supreme Dictator in Charge of Imaginary Firearms, but I'm a benevolent Supreme Dictator of Imaginary Firearms.


I got a quote on production insurance which will allow us to shoot in the City of New York with real permits.
That's actually a pretty decent price.

I still think the Fusion would have been better.

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