Wednesday, June 18, 2008


While watching my computers crash, I figure I can read other things:


HARRISON solves a few simple puzzles and gains access to the CITY. Some natives show up and attack, but are quickly dispatched, making the AUDIENCE wonder why they were introduced at all.


Alright, the aliens or whatever want me to return the crystal to some ridiculous alien throne room.


Not zo fast. I vill return skull instead.


Shouldn’t it have been taken as an indicator of a writing problem when the good guy and the bad guy in a movie have the exact same goal?


In the meantime: the dual-core iMac crashed on making a DVD in iDVD. The dual-core PC froze while making the same DVD. The dual-core Power Mac (pre-Intel) doesn't have enough room on the main drive to run iDVD (you can tell that's not my computer, I'd never use the OS drive for data), and it just freezes in Toast Titanium. I know, I could spend 30 hours getting over the learning curve in DVD Studio Pro but I literally don't have 30 hours because I have to get this DVD out by tomorrow.
I don't seem to be able to output directly to the DVD recorder we have here -- probably because the project has to be in a DV timeline rather than an HD timeline. So I'm re-rendering the project as standard-def DV in order to see if I can get that to work.
Right now I'm making one attempt to make a DVD on my Toshiba laptop with whatever program it uses.* Also, I'm converting the Quicktime to an .avi in order to use Windows DVD Creator on the quad-core computer (because of course the stupid program can't read .mov files -- thanks guys!).**

* That crashed, giving an "unspecified error".
** That didn't work because for some reason the computer just couldn't read the .avi file ("unsupported format" it said).

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