Sunday, June 08, 2008


There are many many times a movie gets rendered out in our workflow. Because of a mistake I made before we began production, we were using Adobe Premiere to edit the movie Solar Vengeance. Premiere has a LOT of problems working with feature-length projects. I had to, for instance, divide the movie into 14 sections in order to be able to work on it without Premiere crashing. Then when I'd go to render out one of those sections, it would take on average 2 days (instead of about an hour and a half) because of the frequent crashes, etc. So when I found out a month ago that I had (about) 150 changes to make in the picture I realized that it would take about 28 days to complete and render those changes. And it did.

But now I am done with that. We still have to render inside Final Cut Pro. And then when we make the 1.33:1 full-frame pan-and-scan that's yet another render. But those are easy renders and FCP doesn't crash when you load a feature-size project into it (which doesn't mean FCP is without its problems like its weird quasi-compatibility with Magic Bullet, but that's another story).

And so whew. That was stressful. But done. Yay!

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Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Yay Drew! Um. Sorry about the 150 changes.