Monday, June 23, 2008

A Great Business To Be In

My sister is finishing up readying the house for the open house tomorrow. Very sad for me.

She'll be leaving tomorrow. With her three animals. I'll miss all four of them.

Here's a picture of her dog "Chien" and her cat "Piti" ("Petey"), missing is another cat named "Abby".


Via Chance Shirley, an article on the lovely world of independent film production and distribution:

"Most of these pictures are pre- ordained flops from independent
distributors who forgot that their odds would have been better if they'd
converted their money into quarters and taken the all-night party bus to

I can't help but think that this is just the most perfect time to be getting into this business of film production. Thanks Chance! ;-)

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jengordonthomas said...

sweet sorry to read you're sad about your childhood home. you must have alot of memories. chin up, my friend. new home adventures await.