Monday, June 16, 2008

Occasional Bunny

One thing I'll miss from leaving Hofer Court is the bunnies.
These photographs were taken from my front door (actually through the glass of the storm door as I didn't want to scare Mr. Bun).
The first picture is from my iPhone. As it turns out, iPhones are kinda useless for this kind of thing. They're just too wide angle. Perfect for when you're right on top of the cat, but wildlife is completely out of the question.
So I'll go to my sister's Canon.
There's a wide...
And a closeup of a bun.
We've always had the occasional rabbit here. Because there aren't too many of them and they aren't as destructive to gardens as (say) groundhogs, they just seem kinda fun.
This one has a white spot on his/her right flank.
And translucent ears.

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