Saturday, May 11, 2013

Driving Around Day

The day before shooting is always "drive around and pick stuff up" day. Today I got some costumes from Caitlin Cisek.
Barbara Slade street look.
Extremely happy with Caitlin don't you know. Her costumes have really built the world we're living in.
Karen "interrogation" look.
Here are some of Caitlin's notes:
-didn't know if you wanted her in the wig, but it's there-there are two shirt options if there opinions-and there is a tube bra included
The thing about Karen being outside the door of the interrogation room is that Steve Niles wrote the scene such that she's always "OS". I'm a tad paranoid the audience might be confused about who is speaking exactly. So, we'll have the option of seeing the Juliet-17 in her nice fascist uniform.
Viki look.
So yeah, this is all tres groovy. Plus we also have uniforms for the thugs. Much fun.

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