Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two Draft

David Twohy can do no wrong. In fact, even if he ever did wrong I'd just say "no, he didn't do wrong, I don't believe it."

The Chronicles of Riddick has my favorite dark ending of any movie ever, with a veritable Shakesperian denouement. So say I. So say we all.

This writing tool called Draft is kinda neat. A new thing is that it allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo for transcription. As one of the things one must do when delivering a feature film is to deliver a transcription of all the dialog, it might be worth looking into.
Via Indifferent Cats and Amateur Porn.


Kangas said...

Big fan of Twohy myself, but Below? GI Jane? Nah.

Riddick, hell yeah. (also really enjoyed the little-seen A Perfect Getaway)

Andrew Bellware said...

Below? Below is the best submarine ghost story evah! I love that movie.
(I uh... won't stand up for GI Jane though...)