Wednesday, October 23, 2013


SCUBA, up in here Northeastern parts of the US, is a seasonal activity. We are no entering the cold dark Winter months where wetsuits cannot be used and all the hard-core divers go southward to dive.
In order for me to dive up 'round here over the next few months I would need to get dry suit certified. And that's just not gonna happen because I just missed the last dry suit course at my local dive shop (LDS).

Even if I'd had scads of extra cash to take the course I had another problem -- my recently discovered allergy to Neoprene. And that needs to get fixed before learning to use a dry suit, but the open water part of learning a dry suit has a wintertime window which is closing rapidly. The quarry at Dutch Springs goes on very limited time and then closes for much of the Winter.
So my only option to actually go diving (that I know of) is some Jersey charters which dive wrecks out in the Atlantic. These dives go upward of 100' salt water and it ain't warm there. And if I'm not dry-suit certified then I can't go on them.
So uh. I'm kinda "grounded" (heh) for the winter. 
It seems that if I wear an underlayer of a spandex - type stuff that I can wear Neoprene over it. I'll have to keep testing it.

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