Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scuba dooba doo

So. I'm definitely allergic to Neoprene. Bleh.
I have a horrible rash from my hood. I only wore it for a few minutes yesterday, but it totally verbonked me.
I wore regular cotton socks beneath my booties and that maybe sort of worked though. But really in the long-term I think I'm going to have to get Thermocline stuff to keep my skin away from the Neoprene.
There are vastly worse things in the world than an allergy to Neoprene. And facing reality I'll need a drysuit in order to dive in the Northeast anyway. I'll still need a Thermocline hood, but that's a reasonably-priced thing to get.

I cannot fathom (heh) why so much SCUBA stuff is black. I mean, the reason is because divers think it looks cool. It is way not safe. I seriously want a bright yellow diamond-pattern drysuit like a harlequin. I'll probably just end up with a Coast Guard rescue swimmer - type suit though. That will be in the future, when I have some large amount of cash.
That time is coming, right?
This is a pdf to an instruction manual on the Frenzel Technique which is, as far as I can understand, a simply insane means to equalize the pressure in your ears.

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