Saturday, October 05, 2013

Outliving us

Today I saw a private screening of They Will Outlive Us All. It's an impressive indy picture and a horror comedy. Those are two things I just can't do.
It's a really well written movie and really, Nat Cassidy is almost naked for a substantial portion of the movie. And Jessi Gotti is totally a movie star.
There's really only one other horror zombie comedy from the "real indy" world of low-budget filmmaking that's any good. And that's Chance Shirley's Hide and Creep.

They did a stunning job on the audio post on They Will Outlive Us All. I was filled with envy. I mean I'm supposed to be the guy who can do that. I can't. They totally can. Dialog edit was fantastic.

I think there were three sets. And one zombie bug puppet. It was amazing.

They Will Outlive Us All is to Evil Dead II what Hide and Creep is to Dr. Strangelove.

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