Monday, October 07, 2013

Location scouting.

Scene 21 Cheyenne and Vinny could be shot isolated

That sentence above is just a note I had to scribble somewhere. Now. Onto the point.

I don't know how I'm going to shoot this movie. You'd think a good director would know that by now. Hmm... maybe the issue here is "good" director...


For the main Cheyenne and Vinny scene I was thinking they'd just live in the basement or a hallway. I know. But hear me out.

This air vent is actually fantastically important to the screenplay.
 We have to shoot this sub-Rosa guerrilla style. But we can shoot here. This is what we'll call "Location Option A". There are white walls, which is a negative. But it's quiet.

Location A: You can kind of infer that we should have exposure here, but the walls are white. There are giant dead bugs on the floor. But they are, in fact, dead.

Location A: This a further away version of the shot above.
 Then there is location B. Location B has amazing looking walls. It is already lit and I don't think we'd need to do anything to it because it looks so nice. There are two downsides.
The first is that we would have to be guerrilla style for location A. But for B we'd have to shoot ninja-guerrilla style. We'd really have to be quiet and shoot quickly.
The second downside, and this is important, is that it really smells like heating oil here. I mean it stinks. And I suspect it's not that good for you. There's clearly some oil spilled somewhere around here. So we'd have to shoot quickly and limit our time here.
Location B: the Art department seems to have already been here.

Location B: You don't even want to know where this goes.
Location B: You could totally imagine Vinny sitting here, smoking a glass pipe.   
This cat is a cat. Not a location. Pay no attention to her.

So. Which location should we use? "A" will require more art. "B" smells like heating oil. Who will choose for us?

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