Sunday, March 09, 2014


I'm rethinking recording paths. I would be a lot cooler if I claimed that Echoes or maybe Ummagumma was the best Pink Floyd album. But no. It really is Dark Side of the Moon.
I have this fantasy about how I'm going to be recording a lot more this year. Like a lot more.
I want to re-arrange my microphone preamps. I think I have a way to to that. Here then is what I'm thinking for recording Diatomaceous Earth:
  1. kick
  2. snare
  3. lo tom
  4. hi tom
  5. --
  6. Ethan stick melody
  7. Front panel -- Lily Bass
  8. Front panel -- Greg guitar
  9. Lindell OH L
  10. Lindell OH R
  11. Neve Drew guitar
  12. Neve Ethan stick bass
The first 8 channels are the Tascam's own preamps. They sound surprisingly good. With Lily's bass we're finding that if she goes through an Alembic preamp it really doesn't matter what preamp she hits afterward. The drums are mostly triggered and replaced -- with the exception of the overheads.
What I'm doing here is removing a pair of Neve 1272's from the rack at the rehearsal studio for use elsewhere (like my apartment and/or studio).
We'll make the overheads Lindells. Why? I don't know. I just figure it's what we'll do.
That leaves us with one more pair of Neves. One will go on my guitar because I don't know how to record my guitar otherwise. I don't know about that last channel. Could be Neve on the Chapman Stick bass side. Or maybe not. I have no idea.

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