Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Things that disturbed me when watching The Asylum's Android Cop

I've seen those Video Copilot bullet holes before. Heck, I've used those bullet holes before.
The opening shot was pretty nice actually.
Ooh. That blue anamorphic lens flare. I just spent the morning putting that same flare on a bunch of shots in our robot cop movie. Maybe I'll back off on that a little.
I'm gonna guess that's a VC heat distortion behind the flying craft.
The flying craft is okay.
The bullet impacts look composited. This is a problem I have too. It's really hard to get them to fit properly so that it really looks like the wall near the actor's head is getting hit.
The autocannons look pretty nice. Good idea too.
 Via. http://dartp.deviantart.com/art/cake-cybor-152678461

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