Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trying to register Native Instruments Komplete 9

Native Instruments is bummin' me out man. I bought a crossgrade bundle of their "Komplete 9" software. I got it from Sweetwater. I'm under the impression I'm entitled to use the crossgrade because I also own Garritan Personal Orchestra.
This is merry - go - hoppy me.

So I enter my serial number for my crossgrade. And what happens then?
Errors galore. My User Account does not have the prerequisite software to help me party down with actually having a registered version of Komplete 9. Sigh.

I am, however, allowed to download updates, even if I can't register.

A quick look at what I have registered. Yup the Garritan Personal Orchestra is on there. But I can't activate Komplete 9. Why not? Who knows?

Here I'm just making sure I have Garritan Personal Orchestra. Yup. I sure do.
So now what? It's been over a day since I submitted my first ticket to Native-Instruments.
Oh and look. Now the online tool says I'm not qualified for a cross-grade. Interesting. I believe up until yesterday It was saying the opposite.
So if I'm not mistaken, I bought the crossgrade because the website said it would work on my account. And not it doesn't.
This makes bunny cry.

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